make yourself
Height: 5'3

Starting Weight: 139 pounds
Current Weight: - pounds
Goal Weight: strong, fit, and toned

Train like an athlete.
Diet like a nutritionist.
Sleep like a baby.
Win like a champion.

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Daily Diet

From Glamour magazine, July 2011

How much do you need? 

Daily Diet:

Five to six ounces of grains, three of which are whole (one ounce is a slice of whole wheat bread or a half cup of oatmeal).

Four to five servings of veggies (one serving is half of a large sweet potato, six baby carrots, or a cup of leafy greens).

Three to four servings of fruit (one serving is a small banana or 16 grapes).

Three cups of dairy (one is a cup of milk or yogurt, or one-and-a-half ounces of cheese).

A minimum of 100 grams of protein (think meat, beans, eggs, fish, nuts, and seeds).

One treat in the 150 to 250 calorie range (that’s a small cookie or a five-ounce glass of wine).

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