make yourself
Height: 5'3

Starting Weight: 139 pounds
Current Weight: - pounds
Goal Weight: strong, fit, and toned

Train like an athlete.
Diet like a nutritionist.
Sleep like a baby.
Win like a champion.

the pictures i post weren't made by me unless stated otherwise.

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Anonymous said: How would you say can someone break a habit like binge-eating? Any tips?

breaking the habit of binge-eating is pretty difficult, and not a lot of people understand that. all i would suggest is to have better control. to do that, when you feel like theres a chance that you might eat more than you want to or should, just stop, take a step back, or run to your room or the bathroom or whatever, and have a moment with yourself. breathe. remind yourself of why you are on this journey. doing this was what helped me get over my habits of binge-eating. i hope it’ll work for you, too! :)

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