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Height: 5'3

Starting Weight: 139 pounds
Current Weight: - pounds
Goal Weight: strong, fit, and toned

Train like an athlete.
Diet like a nutritionist.
Sleep like a baby.
Win like a champion.

the pictures i post weren't made by me unless stated otherwise.

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hannrm said: I want to start dieting, How should I start?

i peeked into your blog and saw that you’re a freshman, so i’m not going to give you very strict guidelines.

focus on eating protein, fiber, and whole-grain carbohydrates. natural peanut butter, fruits, green vegetables, whole-wheat toast, and brown rice. also, eat 4-6 meals a day; breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack(s). because you’re just starting, take it easy when you work out. go on a brist walk on the treadmill for 60 minutes every day. you’ll see results fast :) one more thing. don’t deprive yourself too much or you’ll end up binging. have a small cookie, small slice of cake, or a small brownie (emphasis on small) a few times a week, just to get familiar with ‘dieting’. 

good luck xx

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